Designated Death: Rubbed Out – Ch. 2


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Chapter 2: Pwnage

A flash of light filled the screen in front of Leo Madison. He rapidly clicked his mouse as the elf mage on the monitor eviscerated a monstrous foe.

“Yeah man.” he spoke into his headset. “I got a dinner invitation from that local writer chick who’s on TV a lot.”

“For real?” replied a voice through his headphones. “You sure it’s not a mistake or something? I mean what did- watch out for the undead spawn- I mean what did you do to get invited?”

“Nothing! But I’m gonna check it out. She’s rich so there’s gotta be something good in it for me.”

“Damn. You’re definitely hooked up. Oh! Speaking of getting hooked up… hook me up with our next target.”

“Oh snap, hold on. I’m gonna be AFK.” Leo stood up. He waded through the clothes of questionable cleanliness and Red Bull cans covering his floor to get to a specific pile next to his bed. After digging for a couple of minutes, he finally came up with a small stack of paper with various scribblings. Attached by a staple was a spread sheet. He held tight to the papers as he made his way back to the computer chair and slipped his headset on again.

“You still there, Jake?” he inquired into the microphone.

“Yeah. What’s it going to be?” Jake responded.

Leo scanned the data on the printed sheets and flipped through the notes that accompanied them. Squinting through the dim light of the room, he ran his finger down the list and stopped. “Here’s a good one. It’s the DMV. They should have a good firewall. It’ll be a fun challenge, plus it will be satisfying to mess with the employee records. They’re all a bunch of assholes.”

“That does sound good.” Leo could hear typing from Jake’s end of the line.

“Alright. Log out of the game and email me the info. We’ll hack this and crack it open like a rotten egg.”

Leo tapped away on his keyboard and imagined the look on the soon-to-be cyber-victim’s faces tomorrow when they find their documents corrupted and porno in place of the their profiles. God, I love being me, he smugly thought to himself while he got lost in his computer screen for the rest of the night.